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About Us

Established in 1994, Regent Lane Ltd. has grown to become one of the market leaders in the PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT INDUSTRY, offering the widest range of bespoke merchandises and gift ideas one can imagine to clients of every business nature.


At Regent Lane Ltd., we have our own Product Design Team to work in accordance with the client’s specific marketing and promotion objectives.  Our unique JOINT PROMOTION TEAM further enables the client to crossover with a choice of OVER 100 WORLD-RENOWNED BRANDS, trademarks, designer labels and registered characters, making their promotional products extra special and valuable, thus the overall campaign more high-profile and successful.


We are also a DISTRIBUTOR and SOLE AGENT for many international renowned brands, including small household appliances, cookware, kitchenware, and personal care products, strive to provide a wide range of high-quality products to customers.


Joint Promotion 

  • Provide one-stop services including Brand Licensing service, Gift ideas, Product Design & Development such as Animation production, Media line-up KOL, etc.

Agency Brand

  • Products to be distributed to retail chains such as department stores, convenience stores, or any other potential clients.
  • Products to be provided for a loyalty program to our clients.

Imagine how much marketing power could bring to your company if you were authorized to use A POPULAR CARTOON CHARACTER, A WELL-KNOWN TRADEMARK LOGO, or even the badge of a famous university on your promotional items.

Being one of the most popular brand licensees in Asia, RL enjoys the privileged partnership with over 100 world-renowned brands, trademarks, designer labels, and registered characters.

Warner Bros, Disney, Fox, Harsbro, Mattel, HIT, Universal Studio, Paramount, Cartoon Networks, Peanuts, Smiley, Sanrio, Bandai, Kakao Friends, LINE Friends, Fujiko, Toei Animation, Keith Haring, Van Gogh, Rubik's Cube, Oxford University, Cambridge University, London Fog, ecko unltd., OP, Mudd, Umbro, Modern Amusement, Mossimo, Daniel Hechter, Elegance, Hallmark, Jeep, St.Barbara Polo, Euro 2020 etc.

How do reputable household brands help our clients?

  • In form of welcome gifts for new customers
  • Redemption rewards for loyalty programs
  • Prizes for lucky draw, competitions and fundraising event

Licensor brands + household brands = Maximize your exposure + Reach more target audience

Reach your potential audience easily with our JOINT PROMOTION PROGRAM.

We are proudly partnered with Casio, Ricoh, Cleansui, AirFree, Audio Sonic, Emile Henry, Bugatti, Alessi, Berndes, Moneta, Zanussi, Carl Schmidt Sohn, CS Kochsysteme, Charterhouse, Stadler Form, Princess, Tristar, Ya-man, etc.