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Disney Micky Mouse Apron

Disney Micky Mouse Apron
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Disney Micky Mouse Apron

【Product specifications】

Size: 66 x 74cm

Material: Denim, Leather, Metal

【Product Features】

- Genuine Leather

- Partial Embroidery

- Shoulder straps are freely adjustable


- Due to the characteristics of the processing, the printed part may fall off or crack due to friction during use. Please be aware that peeled prints may be attached to other items.

- Please pay close attention to the combination with light colours as dark colours may fade and change due to friction and wetting.

-Please avoid leaving it wet for a long time as it will cause discolouration and bleeding. 

- Please keep it in a dry place with ventilation and low temperature for storage.

- Dry Clean Only.

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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Buzz Zakka
  • Model: Disney Micky Mouse 圍裙
  • Dimensions: 66.00mm x 74.00mm x 0.00mm
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